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Finding discounts online

I love online shopping, probably a little bit too much, but I refuse to pay full price for anything. There are enough sales and discounts out there that you should never have to pay full retail.  Well, unless it’s an emergency or something custom. But otherwise, no!


Black Friday

Let’s start with the big guns. Black Friday is, without argument, the biggest shopping day in the entire year, followed (and not even closely) by Cyber Monday. Black Friday has even bled into the day before (Gray Thursday, perhaps?) and is still pulling out the big numbers. Black Friday, as we all know, falls on the day after Thanksgiving, and is the kick-off of the big Christmas shopping season. It’s called “Black Friday” because business profits will be in the “black” that day, not the red.

So Black Friday is a big day for stores both in a physical and online sense of things. While Cyber Monday is thought to rule the discount world of the World Wide Web, most discounts that happen on Black Friday can also be accessed on websites that day, and often with free shipping. Which means you can do your shopping without leaving Thanksgiving dinner or getting up stupidly early.

The exceptions to this of course are the Doorbusters. Doorbuster is a term that is referring to a discount that happens in a store when it opens. They have limited stock usually and are only available at the extreme discount for a brief amount of time. Doorbusters are what causes the mayhem that you see in YouTube videos of people stampeding each other or fighting over a television set. And, my fellow discount shoppers, that is not worth it. Yes, the discount may be good, but if you pay good attention to online sales before and after Black Friday, chances are good you will find a similar deal without being crushed by another human.


Amazon Deal of the Day

Amazon offers a “deal of the day,” everyday as well as having ongoing “lightning sales” constantly. The deal of the day is a product that is given a spotlight and discount for that day, as long as the products are still abailabel. During the holiday shopping season, they post more than one deal of the day, having anywhere from 5-6 things posted, showing off some discounted goods that may help you check off that Christmas list. And, if you have Amazon Prime, you can get that free 2-day shipping. That means you could even wait until the week of Christmas to finish your shopping.

The Lightning Deals that are on the Amazon site are a continual thing. They put up over 1,000 items at a time and have a ticking clock on when the deal runs out as well as a constant percentage bar that shows how many products are still available with that discount. The thing to really remember about lightning deals is to look at what the starting price is. While if you are looking at the Lighting page, you may see things like “80% off,” showing that you are getting such a hot deal. But if you actually click on an item and go onto its individual page, you will see what Amazon charges on a regular day for it. So you may be looking at something “80% off,” going at a price of $18, but you’ll find that Amazon discounts it normally to $20. So you may be saving yourself $2 on an item. Then you have to really ask yourself if you want that item or if you are only thinking of buying it because it’s on sale. If it’s not something you had been considering purchasing or specifically shopping for, just don’t do it. They use the discounts to lure people in.

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Tips for saving money online

While online shopping can be fast and efficient almost to officially sometimes, it can also be extremely costly. The price of online shopping adds up very quickly. So here are a few tips to help you get a price break when you’re shopping online.

Make use of social networking: as almost all online stores are going to be on Facebook Twitter etc. a lot of them actually will post special coupons or announcements of sales on their social media first, granting the people who follow them first access to sales and deals.


Double check what the store prices: if you can, see if an online retailer’s door price is any different than the online price. Sometimes they’re not the same, and it will give you the illusion that you’re getting a deal online when it would actually have been cheaper in the store. And also you have to take into account shipping costs, that if something is cheaper online, it may be that it it’s offsetting the shipping.

Coupon stacking: send retailers will allow you to stack coupon codes which means you can use more than one. The key to using these to your advantage, is to do it in the correct order in order to get the best deals. So for example if you have two different coupons one for percentage off and one for a solid dollar off always enter the percentage first, and then enter the dollar off.

Shipping fees: a lot of stores will actually provide free shipping if you spend a certain quantity. If you’re falling short of that minimum think of the other ways that you could purchase had a time. For example, you could buy something else that you needed if you were just a couple dollars off of the free shipping. For example, say you needed to spend $50 to get free shipping and your Kurt total has only come to $49. If you can find something that is a dollar in the storage and bring your total up to $50, you can save yourself $10 in shipping fees.


Find coupons:just as you would use coupons inside of the store physically, you can use can’t coupons online. There are a ton of sites out there that keep track of online coupons are all over the Internet. Some examples are retail me not.com or coupon crazy.com both of which have a database of online coupons for thousands of different online retailers.

Watch the day: as online shoppers are more likely to do their shopping on the weekends,online retailers will actually put their sales during the week. A lot of them will roll out the deals on Wednesday or Thursday making the weekend the most expensive time to shop.

Take your time: if you don’t need something in an emergency, check back over daily or weekly periods to see if the price of what you’re looking for will come down. Also don’t be afraid to shop around other retailers for the same item also checking to see if somebody gets a sale. Things eventually do come on sale and they don’t stay on sale very long. So if you’re really interested in getting a good deal on something you’ll need to pay attention and stay on it.


Be Patient: Don’t expect to find a great deal the first time you look for a specific product. Being good at online shopping, just like everything in the world, requires practice and experience to be good at it. If you look for something you’re after and don’t find a deal the first time, don’t get be discouraged, a sale is just around the corner.

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Is Shopping Online Really Cheaper?

The question has been asked many times before: how does online shopping save consumers money and is it true? Yes, online shopping can definitely save you money. Think about it this way. There are limitless stores online all offering the same products. You have the instant ability to price compare from the safety of your computer. Going into a store is not so simple. While smartphones do make it easier to compare costs in a store, it is not as simple or efficient. Here are some examples of how online shopping is cheaper than going into a store yourself.

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Time Costs

Time Costs

Shopping online can happen wherever you are at and can be squeezed in in the middle of the night, during a lunch break, or while you are doing something else. This will save you on gas money as well as potentially lost time that could have been done doing something else. You are also more likely to grab food on the run, which is both costly and not always the healthiest choices available.

Online Codes

If you are shopping online, you can usually find coupon codes or discounts that can be applied at most of the big chain stores that would otherwise not apply. These can be applied to offset shipping costs as well as give you a discount on the goods. Some retailers, such as Kohls, will let you use scannable coupons you have found online in their store as well, so keep that in mind in case you really need to go inside of a store.



If you are looking for something specific and go to a standard physical retailer, you may not find exactly what you were looking for and may settle for something more expensive and still not quite what you were looking for. This may result in you purchasing what you really wanted later or leave you with the sad statement of “buyer’s remorse.” When you shop online, you can purchase exactly what you are after because the internet is limitless on consumer products.

Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse

You can still get buyer’s remorse with online shopping, but the returns are usually a lot simpler too, if you need to change your mind. Instead of going through the hassle of returning to a person in a store and explaining to them why you need the return, with online shopping, you can just print the return label and drop it off without human contact. Very nice for people who don’t like to interact on a personal level or feel they need to explain themselves for why they are returning the product.


Online stores usually have a section on their website dedicated to clearance items that you will never be able to find in stores. Instead of searching through clearance racks in vain, you can filter the store’s website to find your sizes at the cheapest rates possible.

Custom Sizes

If you have a less common size you are looking for, you will be able to find it online that you can’t necessarily find in a store. This can save you costs on having your clothing altered or custom made when that happens.


If you are shopping online, you can browse and “window shop” by putting items in your online cart and then walking away. If you return and find that it was what you wanted and you still want it, you can buy it. If you have changed your mind, however, you have saved yourself money and the worry of purchasing something on a whim that you are going to have to return later. There is no harm in rethinking your decision. The only time it may matter if it is a limited-time sale or if there are limited quantities, but don’t succumb to the pressure of buying things on the spot. If you really needed it, you would buy it without hesitation the first time.